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Half price labour TENS machine and drug free allergy relievers
I used a TENS machine and  found it very useful in the early stages of labour. Lloyds TENS machine Half price labour TENS machines at Lloyds Pharmacy. Drug [...]
Bargain price: One-life birth to potty set
Just seen this on the kiddi care site– a one-life birth to potty set reduced from £189.99 to £89.99 – less than half price. I think these are [...]
Fairtrade Fashion
There seem to have been lots of programmes on TV recently about FairTrade goods... and rightly so.
Review of cotton tots bots nappies
I bought a few of these for Sam to use at night. I loved them, but they shrank and he grew out of his size 2s by the time he was 20lb. I bought a few more [...]
Review of Mothercare Terry Squares
They are 60x60cm, so supposed to be birth to potty, but they really wouldn't last.
Review of Little Ewe Terry Squares
I decided to go for terry squares because we were on a tight budget, needed something that dried quickly and I wanted nappies made from natural fibres.
Real Nappy Week 27th April- 3rd May 2009
Is anyone doing anything for RNW this year? I am arranging a stall at a baby group I go to- hopefully will get a little more interest than last year! If [...]
Work at home Mums (WAHM) shops.
IMPORTANT: The following services have now been discontinued The WAHM shops are quite a new feature. There are now two sections. The first is for people [...]
Real Nappy Articles
The articles section has been set up to offer help and advise about using real nappies, from which ones to buy, to how to wash and use them.
Cotton Nappy Forum and Nappy Reviews
Choosing the right cotton nappy for you can be a daunting decision- there are almost too many to choose from! Yes, using cloth saves you money, but they [...]